Real Madrid

No quiero excusas…no quiero lamentos, no quiero oir ni escuchar que nos despistamos un rato, no quiero entender que fue un fallo quiero leer que fue cosa de la mala suerte..lo ultimo que quiero son excusas

Nos habeis fallado como nos llevais fallando todos durante los ultimos 10 años. Vosotros no jugais con vuestro dinero porque es seguro, jugais con el nuestro, jugais con nuestras ilusiones, con nuestras promesas y con nuestro animo, jugais con algo que no es vuestro, por eso es facil para vosotros perderlo, porque nunca es, ni fue vuestro.

No quiero un solo fichaje, no quiero perder el tiempo ni la ilusion con alguien que no venga a dar la talla.

Para ganar dinero apostando con nosotros y con nuestro espiritu madridista, apostad con vuestra suerte en el casino.


Women and social networks, a couple well-matched and highly influential

A recent Pew Research Center study found that women use more social networks than men, 75% of women is a user in a social network, while among men this percentage drops to 63%.

The media company Weber Shandwick has made an infographic that explains in graphic paper, tastes and preferences of women within the social media universe. To conduct this study surveyed 2,000 American women, with the following results: 83% of Internet users have user account on any social network, being Facebook his favorite (by 81%).

In terms of time spent browsing social networks, the average is in twelve hours a week, which means a total of almost two hours daily. It’s Amazing that in the ranking of favorite leisure activities is in third place, ahead of “dating” or spending time with your partner.

This study reflected in the infographic shows how social networks have changed the habits of society, in this case focusing on how women have made ​​in your life this revolutionary invention that is increasingly present in our daily lives.


Five reasons why Apple’s star may be fading

The air of invincibility that has always surrounded Apple in recent years could erupt into a thousand pieces this afternoon, when the apple company present its latest quarterly results, results that could be “disastrous” if we ignore most doomsayers analysts .

What is going on with Apple? Is what has been until recently the world’s most envied company low hours? Tom Bazeley in Marketing Magazine discusses some of the reasons that show the “giant drop”:

1. Victim of its own success.
With the iPhone and the iPad, Apple opened two completely new segments in the mobile market. And he did so incredibly bright. Is it possible to repeat these two hits a second time? Maybe, but not in a way so overwhelming.

2. Supply Chain boring.
Tim Cook is the “king” of the supply chain. Steve Jobs, his predecessor, was the “king” of product design. The current CEO of Apple thinks of the business in the short term. Instead, his predecessor put the focus on the long-term business. If Steve Jobs put the emphasis mainly on the product and business vision, Tim Cook puts on costs and processes. The first methodology was not just more “creative” but also more effective in the long term. And that is where Cook shortsighted vision could become a serious problem for Apple.

3. “David” become “Goliath”.
For many years Apple played to be “David” against “Goliath” in the field of computing. It was his modest enterprise mentality and especially different which catapulted to success. That has changed dramatically. Apple is not only one of the most powerful companies in the technology sector but also has become ubiquitous. Having a Mac could be a “rarity” 20 years ago, but no longer today when Apple products are everywhere and reach all types of consumers. “David” has become “Goliath”.

4. The user experience is no longer the exclusive property of Apple
Apple has long boasted of being the technology company focused on the user experience. And probably with good reason. However, today Apple is not the only technology company focused on the user experience. His rivals in the market have already learned the lesson.

5. Major unresolved issues
For years Apple dared to think differently. However, begun in 2013, the big announcements from Apple seem to have more to do with the new version 846.2 and qualities “metaphysical” IOS operating system with the future itself. By contrast, Google, one of Apple’s main rivals, is betting on the future and is setting ambitious goals. The expected Google Glass and self-directed cars are just some of the gadgets “magic” that the Internet giant will give us over the coming years. In the future of Apple is not perceived, at least for now, no magic.


What are the three best performing ad formats on tablets?

The tablet market is booming, and therefore, advertising on these devices is too. This sector is still underdeveloped and exploited but begin to take shape early in tablet advertising trends, which is trying to get the most out of the functions of these devices.

VivaKi, a company of digital advertising solutions, has conducted a study of 14 months in the U.S. to find out which ad formats work best on tablets. The findings were clear: the full page banner, pre-roll and overlay ad rich media ads are most effective.

The banner occupying the full screen of tablets came to accumulate a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 8.7%, this is a performance 4 times greater than that achieved by static banner located on web pages.

As rich media formats, these were a CTR of 3.3% compared to 4.3% achieved by the standard formats, but achieved a 83% higher share in tablets.

The study also showed that these three types of ads were what they achieved greater awareness of the brand. To determine the percentages of awareness, VivaKi divided respondents into two groups. The first was exposed to many ads and the second not.

Thus, VivaKi concluded that those who saw the banner were 380% more brand conscious than those who were not exposed. Meanwhile, for the pre-roll, the percentage rose to 500% and finally, rich media ads achieved a 900% increase in awareness.


Dove sketch “Now men time”


But what if this experiment takes place between a group of men?

This was imagined New Feelings Time Comedy, which has created an excellent parody in which self-esteem shows that men tend to be sky high. The result of the experiment in this case is completely different to that achieved with Dove, and it turns out that men are not as handsome as they believe, nor look like Hollywood stars.