5 examples of good banners !

The banners are often not the best example of creativity, but is it really true that accusation? The truth is that in display advertising you can find everything. Here are several campaigns which confirm that, when they want, the banner are an excellent sample of creativity.



The classic one. Coca Cola never disappoints.

The Google project “Re: Brief” was conceived as an experiment to reimagine old ads in the new digital era. To reinvigorate the legendary spot for Coca-Cola “Hilltop” (1971), Google teamed up with the legendary art director of the brand of soda Harvey Gabor. What was their goal? Reimagining a classic advertising using contemporary technology. The new ad begins with images of the original spot. The difference is that users can now literally “buy the world a Coke” from their mobile phones or computers and get connected well with people from all over the world. Users can select a destination, add a personal video or text message and then see how Coke gets its chosen destination through a vending machine especially designed for this purpose.



With the help of the agency “Wieden + Kennedy Portland”, Old Spice recently launched an original banner with video included. The campaign stars the football player Terry Crewes, who appears shirtless and connected to a strange device that generates the “music with muscles.” The banner allows users the ability to create your own music with muscles from your keyboard. The uniqueness of this campaign is not redirecting the user to any microsite, but the banner itself was a “minisite” itself.



“Metlife” and agency “Crispin Porter + Bogusk”y created a character banner featuring the Peanuts series Schroeder at the piano. The call to action was to help Schroder to achieve a magnificent performance. Users could press the keys on your computer to help his interpretation. The announcement was perfectly suited to the campaign “I Can Do This”, which “Metlife” that encouraged people to take the first steps to achieve their goals.



To launch the new Golf, Volkswagen and its agency “Tribal DDB” created a series of banners associated with several “mini games”. One of them is a puzzle game in which the user had to move different pieces to straighten the road and the new Volkswagen Golf that could move through it without running into any obstacle.



Aides.org and agency TBWA France created an original campaign to encourage people to always practice safe sex. The banner is starring a penis trying to reach their destination: a vagina with legs. However, penis has a problem. The vagina avoids all the time because it does not bring condom.

Enjoy the banners !


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