Social Networs for B2B companies. Necessary ?


Many companies operating in the B2B sector seem to have passed by the boom of social networks, which can be negative for its success. Today the social network management is essential in many areas and this does nothing but go to the upside. The business sector has recognized this trend and invested in their social media presence. RealBusinessRescue, with the aid of infographic, explained the main points by which social networks are key to B2B companies.

The companies engaged in B2B are increasingly entering into social networks, 64% already invest in them. The choice is Facebook, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, B2B companies plan to invest up to 8.6% more on social media than last year. This means that companies are not yet aware of this trend, should wake up from their slumber, and when they do they will find a very changed landscape and at a disadvantage compared to its competitors “more savvy”.

A companies that does not serve only the argument that “the competition is already doing”, we offer another compelling argument: the customer. 77% of buyers, would acquire products or services from a company with a presence in social networking than one that has not been integrated into the social media.

Moreover, the presence in social networks helps improve SEO, helps create direct contact with certain groups of potential customers, shows relevance and closeness, and help cooperation among workers.

What more reasons do you need ?


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