10 basic Marketing lessons !

Regardless of the subjective which can sometimes be the marketing, the fact that there are a few lessons we all can and should take account to come through this often difficult discipline. KISSmetrics has collected in some form of computer graphics:

1. “Quality is the best advertising” (Milton Hershey, founder of Hershey Chocolate Company).

2. “Create an emotional connection” (Seth Godin, marketing expert).

3. “If you do not measure, you are not doing marketing” (Anonymous).

4. “Nothing happens without promotion” (PT Barnum, American businessman).

5. “Encourage people” (Georgiana Laudi, Unbounce marketing director. ”

6. “Understand the consumer” (Peter F. Drucker, consultant).

7. “Turn your weaknesses into strengths” (Hashtings Reed, CEO of Netflix).

8. “Write about problems and solutions” (Laura Fitton, founder of oneforty).

9. “Market like prospects shop” (Brian Halligan, CEO of HubSpot).

10. “Be creative and experiment” (Mike Volpe, HubSpot marketing director).



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