The Anatomy of Content Marketing

Content marketing can be the best friend of the marks. Proof of this is that big brands like Coca-Cola and IBM are already betting on the discipline to connect with their customers.

But what really is content marketing? When we talk about content marketing, we are referring to actually producing journalistic content by brands. Some brands hire journalists and reporters to give wings to their content marketing strategies. Further, instead of incorporating its staff journalists, media choose to collaborate with producing content for them.

Whatever the formula used by brands to shape their content marketing strategies, the fact is that this new discipline is working and has all the numbers to become the new “Holy Grail” of brands. This is demonstrated at least the figures collected by Content + in the following infographic. Take note:

– The blogs are translated into a 55% increase in visits to the websites of the brands.

– The brands with corporate blogs achieve a 97% more inbound links.

– 37% of the “marketers” agrees that the blogs are the most valuable type of content from the point of view of marketing.

– The blogs provide brands 434% more indexed pages and 97% of links indexed.

– 63% of marks ensures that publish content in social media has increased the effectiveness of your marketing.

– The content interesting is the third most important reason why people follow brands in social media.

– 67% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend the brands they follow on this platform.

– Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions that magazines.

– 70% of consumers prefer brand awareness through articles through advertisements.

– 60% of consumers develop a positive feeling about the brand after reading personalized content on their websites.



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