Big Data: 99% of companies recognize the benefits but only 25% include it in its marketing strategy.

Big Data is a term that is increasingly present in the business world, the benefits are known by many, but some companies still have problems to include in its marketing strategy. A study by Vanson Bourne & Interxion has analyzed the situation of European companies regarding the Big Data.

The 25% of European companies are developing a marketing strategy based on Big Data, within the European scene is the most German companies follow this trend, with 98% of companies have already jumped on the bandwagon data or are putting it in their long-term strategy.

Although many companies at European level have not yet introduced the Big Data in its business activity, 78% recognized the importance of this issue is. The 99% are aware of the benefits of Big Data, but many companies are not prepared to take on the challenge of: 45% of companies encounter problems when dividing the work within the department of information and technology, 33 % lacks the necessary investment or space to store so much data and 32% do not have the “know how” needed to successfully develop this strategy.

The Big Data, despite their initial difficulties to be introduced to the business world reports multitude of benefits such as increase customer satisfaction, improve time to introduce new products and services in the market, which will naturally make the Big Data trend is growing, and that in a few years is an essential and overlooked by everyone in the marketing strategy of any business.



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