Budweiser invents the first beer cans with “curves”

The American brand Budweiser is famous worldwide for its iconic bow tie shaped logo. Perhaps because of this, and that the packaging is in line with your logo, Budweiser is about to launch a curious beer cans shaped bow.

To design these original cans of beer with “curves“, Budweiser has invested not only time and money but also tried to defy the laws of engineering. And the new Budweiser beer cans entail a complex manufacturing process in which there is a total of 16 steps 10 to shape the lower half of the canister and 6 other to shape the top.

“Aluminum can be widened only 10% without fracture, so that the angles included in the new can need to be very precise,” said Pat McGauley, vice president of Innovation at Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser matrix.

The new bow-shaped cans of Budweiser use double aluminum and involve traditional, thus more costs. They also contain less classic beer cans. While a traditional tin contains 12 ounces of Budweiser beer, in the new capacity only 11.3 ounces of drink.

Budweiser has manufactured and 10 million of its new beer cans shaped bow tie, which will hit stores on May 6. Also intends to build another 8 million cans along this month. Yes, these new cans are just a marketing point and not replace traditional, at least for now.

I think beer and sports are always connected. I can not imagine watching a match without a beer in my hands. Is this innovation in the design going to change anything on the way we watch the matches ?

What do you think the new Budweiser beer cans? Should other brands follow suit and provide different ways to their cans?




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